1. Undercoating / VG-104

ValuGard Undercoating is a cosmetically attractive black coating that provides insulation, sound deadening and anti corrosive protection to cars, trucks, and R.V.’s. Wax-based, it remains flexible in the coldest temperatures, yet, will not drip or run under even extreme high temperature. Automobile Manufacturer Engineering Approved.

2. One Step Polish & Sealant / O-123

One Step Polish & Sealant is a multi-purpose polish that cleans polishes and protects with a polymer shield. Outstanding for removal of factory paint blemishes.

3. Omni All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate / G-112

Omni All Purpose Cleaner is a safe and versatile cleaner for fabric, upholstery, vinyl, rubber, tires, even light duty wheel and engine cleaning! If you find competitor’s offerings of several “all purpose cleaners” confusing…so do we! Omni does it all!

4. Super Compound / VG-306

Easily removes sand marks, scratches and imperfections without leaving deep swirl marks.

5. Supreme Swirl Remover / VG-307

Body shop safe, wax and silicone free, formulated for fresh or aged paints.

6. Carnauba Cream Wax / M-121

A blend of the highest-grade carnauba waxes and polymers.

7. Heavy Duty Cutting Compound / VG-302

Non – crystalline silica formula, quickly removes up to 800 grit sand marks.

8. Glass Cleaner Concentrate / H-114-GS

Designed specifically to cut through the haze deposited on interior glass by chemicals, tobacco smoke, etc. Won’t damage after market window tint films. Contains no ammonia. 10:1 concentrate delivers excellent economy.

9. Clear Coat Polish / K-119

Single step polish that removes light oxidation and swirl marks and leaves behind a high gloss wax finish. A true cleaner, polish and wax.

10. Carpet/Upholstery & Vinyl Cleaner Aerosol / VG-112-A

Carpet/Upholstery & Vinyl Cleaner is a safe and versatile cleaner for fabric, upholstery, vinyl, rubber, carpets, plastics, etc. This one does it all does it all! Even on stubborn stains.

11. Rust Inhibitor Aerosol / VG-101A

Our same professional formula Rust Inhibitor Aerosol. Exceeds ASTM-B-117, in a handy aerosol form! Two application nozzles

12. Premium Dressing / E-108

Premium Dressing is a water based polymer coating for tires, vinyl and other rubber vehicle components.

13. Engine Degreaser Concentrate / V-131

Water based non-flammable concentrated power cleaner.

14. Detail Wash / C-104

Detail Wash – is our premium car wash solution, excellent for everyday use, and also the final step in our Neutralization Process.

15. New Car Prep / N-122

New Car Prep is a safety solvent that is outstanding for the removal of tar, grease, adhesive, bugs, crayon and stubborn stains on paint and upholstery.

16. Bug and Tar Remover / VG-BTR

Bug and Tar Remover is a safety solvent that is outstanding for the removal of tar, grease, adhesive, bugs, and road film.

17. Cerious Compound / VG-305

New technology that polishes as it cuts. Body shop safe, wax and silicone free.

18. Custom Wheel Cleaner / F-110

Non Hydrofluoric acid formula! Thick body and high foaming action for extra strong vertical cling.

19. Trim & Molding Dressing / D-106

Cleans and dresses hard trim and moldings to a high gloss shine.

20. Fast Finish / VG-135

Fast Finish is a true “multifunction” instant detailer product. Cleans light soil, dust, and finger prints. Shines and protects all painted and non-porous surfaces.

21. Odor Terminator / S-128

Odor Terminator is not a perfume or cover up scent. Many such products offend the vehicle owner or buyer as much as the original mal-odor! Odor Terminator is an unscented formula that chemically alters the proteins that odor causing microbes feed on.

22. ValuView / VG-251

ValuView was developed by a leading glass manufacturer. Repels rain, snow and sleet from your windshield. ValuView forms a chemical bond to the glass – not just a surface coating.

23. Tire Shine

Valugard Tire Shine is a water based shiny polymer dressing for tires.

24. Exterior Trim Repair Kit III / ETRIII

A four product kit that allows for virtually permanent repairs of black and gray trim items that have been damaged by aging, exposure to solvents, splatter from sealant wax or polish, and paint over spray. Packaged in a convenient vinyl carry case.

25. Paint Sealant / VG-102

An amino functional polymer – copolymer resin with an ultra violet ray blocker and anti-corrosive agent. Over eight million vehicles treated.

26. Leather & Vinyl Protector / VG-105

A true coating, not just a dressing, ValuGard Leather/Vinyl Protector is an acrylic latex emulsion with an ultra violet barrier added to help prevent fading of leather and vinyl upholstery. Unlike silicone dressings, ValuGard Leather/Vinyl Protector is not slippery and does not attract dry soil.